Aaron’s dilemma

Educational mobile game about the stories of Syrian refugees.

Imagine that your whole life is turned upside-down. Unrest and violence in your home country force you to choose between staying home, or leaving it. Maybe forever. What will you do?

Aarons’s Dilemma let’s you become an active participant in difficult moral situations. It tells a story of a young man, who was forced to flee his home due to a civil armed conflict in Syria. Your task is to help him make decisions on his journey full of difficult moral dilemmas.

The game was developed in partnership between Impact Games and Butterfly Effect.
Aaron’s Dilemma was designed as an educational tool for learning and teaching about migration and the current situation of refugees. The game can also be used for the purposes of education for tolerance and protection of human rights.

Aaron’s Dilemma can be deployed in a standardized school environment. Follow up activities supporting the gameplay include discussion with students, essay writing, mind map creation and a quiz.
Aaron’s dilemma

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