O igri

We are a community of game developers and game-based education practitioners brought together by Impact Games. We have a strong belief that 21.century’s education must reflect on the interests and the needs of today's learners as well as help provide solutions to the challenges of our fast changing world. We believe that games are powerful tools that can help us with these challenges.


Besides fun, games also serve as an effective method for learning and acquiring key competences, such as critical thinking or problem solving.


Games increase the motivation of the learner and inspire further learning.


Games are engaging and their use in education results in active learning, instead of passive information processing.

Our story

We created Gamifactory with a vision to serve as the go-to platform for educators, youth workers and learners of all ages looking for knowledge and experience in the area of game based education.
  • Late 2019

    We founded Impact Games as an NGO registered in Slovakia.

  • 2020

    The education sector was completely disrupted by the global pandemic. We quickly realized, our whole society, including the education sector, changed for good. We decided to join forces with our partners and help navigate the sector in the right direction, choosing the path of critical global education in the context of digitalization.

  • Late 2020

    We started developing our first two original games for educational purposes.

  • 2021

    Aaron’s Dilemma and Follow Me were published in June and September 2021.

  • Late 2021

    We created Gamifactory. It was developed and launched with the support of Erasmus+ funding for the project Games Against Hoaxes. Four partners from three countries - Impact Games and Doublequote Studio from Slovakia, PRONI from Croatia and D20 from Slovenia stand at the very beginning of a hopefully long journey of making learning fun again!